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Life Insurance with LTC Benefits

Asset-Based Long-Term Care Using Life Insurance as a Foundation

Use existing assets to protect you and your loved ones from the expenses, and perhaps the emotional strain, that can arise when a family faces the need for long-term care.

  • Premium options — Use existing assets, such as a CD, savings or IRA, as a one-time-only premium payment, or choose guaranteed annual premiums that can never increase
  • Asset protection — Get the security of a life insurance policy that grows at a minimum, tax-deferred interest rate
  • Tax-free benefits — Pay no income tax if you use your life insurance for qualifying long-term care expenses — should you need it
  • Leave a legacy — If you never use the long-term care benefit or if you only use a portion of it, your named beneficiaries will receive the death benefit — income tax-free

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Any benefit amount paid reduces the policy's death benefit and cash value.